AIR Inc. offers several different products to fit our customer’s industry process needs. Each industry process has its own unique requirements for an emission control solution (for example: large volumes of air, abrasion resistance, portability etc.)

Here is a list of products AIR Inc. can supply for your process needs:

Jet Pulse Dust Collector (Single Module)

Traditional single module dust collector system. Custom designed to fit the customer’s process needs.

Jet Pulse Dust Collector (Multi Module)

Multi module dust collector system for processes that require larger volumes of air or have process particulates with difficult removal efficiencies that require off-line cleaning without turning the system off.

Portable Dust Collector Systems

For customers that have the need to move large dust collection systems between locations.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

For quickly moving large amounts of material around the customers plant.

Bin Vent Dust Collectors

Small positive or negative pressure dust collector for mounting on silos or other vessels.

Particulate Separators

Proven AIR Inc. technology that reduces the particulate loading on dust collector systems prolonging the life of filter bags.


Custom ducting design that is properly engineered and balanced for proper duct velocity and pressure balance, ensuring proper duct suction at each pick up point.

Exhaust Hoods

Custom exhaust hoods designed to improve dust collection efficiency at the source of the dust generation.