Our “Integrated” Approach

The AIR Inc. approach is based on the strong foundation and firm belief that excellence in system performance and Customer satisfaction is achieved through a winning combination of design expertise, whole team accountabilitybest practices based processes and a strict focus on overall cost of ownership.

Design Expertise

AIR Inc. has been designing and installing dust collection equipment for over 30 years. The core engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience.

AIR Inc. has successfully completed fume emission applications that have process challenges such as:

• Fine particulate• Hot fumes
• Highly abrasive materials• Humid fumes
• Portable dust collection requirements• Particulates with difficult removal efficiencies

Team Accountability

Project engineers are involved in every stage of the project, from the quotation stage through to parts selection, fabrication, installation, commissioning and after-market support.

Members of the design team have multi-discipline experience. This allows members of the design team to challenge each other during the design process with the goal of improving designs to provide a more superior product to the customer.

Best Practises

AIR Inc. applies a time proven design approach to development and deployment of the emission control solution resulting in systems that provide maximum effectiveness at minimum cost.

The design team stays current with the newest technology in the industry, integrating products into systems to improve the overall product the customer is receiving.

Cost of Ownership

Cost of ownership is a key measurable when comparing dust collection systems. A full understanding of the capital costs and operational costs will tell the whole story of cost of ownership.

AIR Inc. provides a finely tuned system that fits within customer capital cost budgets, while minimizing operational costs without sacrificing the long term reliability and expectation of an AIR Inc. system.