AIR Inc. has been providing air emissions control solutions for a variety of industries for over 30 years. With experience in such a wide range of industries, AIR Inc. has been able to gain significant technical knowledge with air emission control solutions.

Some examples of projects we have completed in industries click on the Industries below:

Steel Industry

AMD - Blast Furnace

Industry Process Examples:

  • Blast furnace cast house
  • Scrap carbon steel, stainless steel and tundish cutting and processing facilities
  • Hot metal transfer, ladle treatment, kish dump and trim stations
  • Blast furnace waste briquetting dryers
  • Pulverized coal conveying’s
  • Pulverized coal injection
  • Coke fines recycling

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries

Foundries 1

Industry Process Examples:

  • Metal melting operations from electric arc and cupola furnaces
  • Sand binder systems associated with the mold and core making operations
  • Casting shake-outs, cooling and cleaning operations
  • Mechanical and thermo-mechanical sand reclamation systems

Electric Arc Furnaces

Electric Arc FurnaceIndustry Process Examples:

  • Silica EAF
  • Alumina EAF
  • Chromium EAF

Gypsum Wallboard Plants

Gypsum WallboardIndustry Process Examples:

  • End trim and dunnage process dust collectors
  • Milling and kiln exhaust systems
  • Waste handling and re-processing set ups

Asphalt and Aggregates

Industry Process Examples:

  • Aggregate dryers
  • Material handling, transfer points, and feeder systems

Building Materials

Building MaterialIndustry Process Examples:

  • Fiberglass and rock wool insulation plants
  • Ceramics and abrasive plants
  • Cement manufacturing and packaging facilities