In-House Expertise

The team at AIR Inc. has expertise in a broad range of disciplines and fields that assist in finding an emission control solution for your industry application. Some examples of the in-house expertise that AIR Inc. provides are:

Process Engineering

AIR Inc. has provided successful dust collection systems to a wide range of industry processes. Each process has their unique challenges. With the industry process experience that AIR Inc. has gained over the last 40 years, we are confident that the customer will be satisfied with the dust collection system they are purchasing.

Support Engineering and Design Disciplines

Members of the design team have multi-discipline experience. Some examples of the disciplines the design team has experience in are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical and Automation Design
  • Drafting and Drawing Support (using the latest CAD software)

Component Parts Procurement

AIR Inc. has strong and long-time relationships with local, regional and international suppliers in their supply chain. With the strong ties in our supply chain, we receive preferred pricing, which allows us to build economical dust collection systems.

Installation and Construction Management

Installation and construction management is part of the service AIR Inc. can provide to the customer. We have extensive experience in managing the on-site installation of the dust collection equipment. A well-managed installation and construction plan anticipates installation challenges and removes days of work from the installation scope of the project which saves the customer money.

Commissioning and Start Up Services

AIR Inc. provides commissioning and start up services for baghouse systems. This service is provided to finely tune the baghouse system, ensuring that it will work properly and effectively long term. As part of this service, we teach the customer how to use the equipment and advise on maintenance procedures for taking care of the equipment to ensure a prolonged life for the equipment.